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Clean Energy

Hart Bioenergy

Our systems produce a steady output of clean energy that can be used to ‘firm up’ the electrical grid and allow the transition to 100% renewable energy

Financial Return

An anaerobic digestion system offers consistent and strong financial returns. Our team has engineered a system more affordable, more efficient and with lower ongoing costs than other options in the market, leading to a great return-on-investment.

Emissions Reduction

Our systems capture methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and convert it to carbon dioxide, which is 84 times better for the environment. The electricity generated by our systems also offsets coal power, and the fertiliser produced offsets the emissions of chemical fertiliser production.

High-Quality Fertiliser

The digestate produced by our systems is of a very high nutrient content and quality. Furthermore, if the system is fed with organic inputs the output can be a certified organic fertiliser.

Creating clean energy, clean water & clean food

A natural process, mastered. Our anaerobic digestion systems take bio-waste and convert it to useful resources, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 96%

Waste to Energy

Our systems capture the huge potential of what is currently going to landfill, generating large benefits to clients and the environment.

Variable Feedstock

Our systems accept a broad range of organic inputs, such as food waste, animal effluent, fats, oils, greases, energy crops, and byproducts from some chemical production processes

Hassle-Free Automation

Our state-of-the-art control systems allow our plants to run themselves with minimal human intervention. This is a key part of our mission to make our systems accessible to every business and community.

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At Hart Bioenergy we pride ourselves on delivering the best products in the market. Our team of experienced engineers and designers are constantly leveraging emerging technologies to keep our products best-in-class for efficiency, reliability and value for money.